If you served one day in the military you may have a claim.

There are multiple ways to assess whether you are able to make a successful claim. As there are so many pieces of legislation and factors to consider, the best way forward is to request a no-obligation conversation with one of our senior intake officers (both former serving ADF members). They will be able to give you an idea of what is possible. From there you can make decisions about moving forward.

DVA Claims

Veteran claims will be submitted to the DVA within 48 hours of the client conducting their intake, signing their agreement and providing the necessary authorities and identification for processing as required by the DVA. We use a double encrypted online storage system to protect your personal and sensitive information. We request a full set of your Australian Defence Force files including: medical, dental, personnel, conduct, psychological, trade and record of long service. You may request these from us at any time for personal use for no additional charge.

DVA has an enormous backlog at the moment, with claims from November 2019 just being allocated to a delegate. It is so important to have your claims submitted according to the correct injury/illness at the first point of submission. There are different processes that are followed according to the legislation your injury/illness falls under, this is also vital to any outcome and entitlements you may receive.

Having medically and para-legal qualified case consultants and advocates, as well as veteran-friendly medical practitioners and specialists, provides clients with the best chance of success as well as streamlined processing of claims.

Once a client of AO, we will ask you questions that include family, rehabilitation and welfare structures to ensure you are provided with as much support as possible throughout the process. This includes connecting you with rehabilitation consultants, medical teams, welfare support, local agencies, and university qualified coaches to help you discover an identity, meaning and purpose post your ADF career. We are committed to empowering you through entitlements, networks and knowledge to build individual and collective capacity.

Case Consultants (Medically qualified advocate)

Our claims consultants (Advocates) are highly experienced and intuitive. They understand the nature of military service, and the trajectory of injury and illness. They are supervised by a highly experienced Advocate who has submitted more than 2,000 claims and is a soon-to-be-endorsed, medically-qualified (Nurse Practitioner). Our team is supported and engaged with primary and tertiary health care providers who assist with evidence for claims and help guide the Advocacy team in providing the best support to clients possible.

Claims can be submitted to the DVA whilst still serving or when retired from full-time service. Noting the length of time it takes to get liability accepted and for Permanent Impairment to be determined, we encourage members to submit claims as soon as possible.


Our Case consultants are veterans who are highly qualified writers and researchers with legal training or medical qualifications. They are supervised by our Volunteer Board Member who has over 22 years ADF Personnel Policy experience, understands the governing legislation and has written high level papers. Our Volunteer Board Member Advocates Online has submitted over 200 ARETRO requests for medical discharge with more than 98% of the claims being successful.

If you have completed more than four years ADF service you will most likely have injuries and illnesses as a result of your ADF service. (That is what the DVA project examining injury prevalence stated). It is important to have these claims lodged with the DVA as soon as possible to avoid the lengthy wait time and potential for discharge without liability accepted or permanent impairment considered.

If you have injuries and illnesses that may see you invalidity pensioned from the ADF, or wish to discuss a more structure approach to your discharge Advocates Online can assist you with a seamless transition from the ADF. We will provide support in approaching your workplace, speaking with medical specialists and filling in paperwork. We will also work with you post transition to ensure the next chapter of your life is as fulfilling if not more than the previous.

We work with highly qualified and Veteran savvy medical practices. They have the capacity to provide telehealth, and work to develop a treatment history and relationship with veterans to ensure detailed reports for DVA and CSC. They also work with the veteran and family to support them in arriving at a place of wellness and enjoyment.

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