Claims Consultant

(Medical/Advocate – VRB & AAT)
Jessica Leonard

Jessica is a veteran, serving five years in the Australian Army. Noticing how many veterans were struggling with navigating claims, transition and life after service, upon discharge Jessica started acting as an advocate for current and former serving members. Having a family and understanding the complexity of life whilst struggling with injuries and raising children, Jessica wanted to make sure she linked as many veterans to the support available through legislation and welfare support agencies. Jessica has been an advocate and helping veterans with additional welfare in a volunteer capacity for 7 years. To ensure veterans and their families were empowered to make their own decisions, Jessica started a veteran forum facebook group called Veterans First Australia, where she shares information, stories and insight. Jessica is experienced with all acts. She is part of large and experienced community of practice to ensure each and everyone of her claims achieves the best outcome for the veteran and their family, possible.

Her passion is to assist Veterans and to ensure they have all the entitlements and support possible to make their life better.

Heidi Joosten

Heidi is a veteran serving 14 years. Heidi has first-hand experience of the unique hardships veterans face. She is passionate about helping veterans improve their physical and mental wellbeing by empowering them to live a healthier and happier life through movement. Heidi has a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (Clinical) and is accredited with Exercise Sports Science Australia. Heidi assists with advocacy claims administration whilst running her exercise physiology business in Townsville. Where she provides services to veterans covered by DVA.

Claims Consultant

(ADF Medical Discharge/ARETRO Medical Discharge/Para-legal/Coaching)
Kelliegh Jackson

Kelliegh served in the Australian Army for more than 22 years, retiring in 2018. She provides the team with oversight and mentoring to ensure they remain informed about all issues that affect veterans and their families. Kelliegh focuses on supporting those looking at medically discharging from the ADF, or who wish to be treated as if they were medically unfit (ARETRO claim to CSC) so they can access their superannuation sooner rather than later, and Ombudsman serious abuse claims. Kelliegh has a Masters of International Law, Masters of Human Resources and Industrial Relations and Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology.

Kelliegh will not only focus on the main purpose being medical, ARETRO or abuse claims, she will do a comprehensive assessment of your needs and implement a plan in consultation with the client to ensure all areas of need are addressed. Kelliegh provides coaching and support ongoing.

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Nikki Orr

Nikki is a veteran of more than 24 years. Nikki has extensive experience in defence that is supported by her more recent education in psychology. Nikki has a Bachelor of Social Science-Psychology, Advanced Graduate Diploma in Psychology and is currently completing her Masters of Professional Psychology and is a registered provisional psychologist through Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

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Jacki Townson

Jacki is a veteran with more than 35 years’ service in the Australian Army. She has considerable experience in personnel and incident management which have given her a passion for supporting those who have suffered mentally or physically because of their service. Jacki has a Masters of Management Studies specialising in Human Resources.

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