Administrative Team and Advisors

Kelliegh Jackson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kelliegh served in the Australian Army for more than 22 years, retiring in 2018. She provides the team with oversight and mentoring to ensure they remain informed about all issues that affect veterans and their families. Kelliegh focuses on supporting those looking at medically discharging from the ADF, or who wish to be treated as if they were medically unfit (ARETRO claim to CSC) so they can access their superannuation sooner rather than later, and Ombudsman serious abuse claims. Kelliegh has a Masters of International Law, Masters of Human Resources and Industrial Relations and Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology.

Kelliegh will not only focus on the main purpose being medical, ARETRO or abuse claims, she will do a comprehensive assessment of your needs and implement a plan in consultation with the client to ensure all areas of need are addressed. Kelliegh provides coaching and support ongoing.

Kelliegh is a Volunteer Board Member.

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Laura Napier, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Laura has worked in Corporate Finance for more than 21 years. Her passion is to positively change the lives of more than 100,000 people.

Laura has worked in a wide range of global financial corporations for more than 25 years, whilst studying, qualifying and practicing as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist.

Laura’s exposure to all levels of the Corporate world has resulted in an innate ability to understand the intricacies of human behavior and to support those around her to overcome barriers to success.

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Julia, Client Engagement and Portfolio Manager

Julia is the wife of one of our Veterans.

Julia is led by lived Defence Partner and family experience and driven by passion.

Julia has experienced medical downgrade, the prospect of medical discharge and being a carer to her husband several times.

Julia has a background in behavioural science and law studies, project management, campaign coordination, salary packaging and client relationship management with clients across Government, the Not-For Profit and charities sectors.

Julia says Advocates Online was a fit for her because of an alignment in values and mission to help other facing these challenges and to ensure no Defence or Veteran family is left behind.

Jacki Townson, Retrospective Claims Supervisor

Jacki is a veteran with more than 35 years’ service in the Australian Army.

She has considerable experience in personnel and incident management which have given her a passion for supporting those who have suffered mentally or physically because of their service.

Jacki has a Masters of Management Studies, specialising in Human Resources. Jacki provides oversight and supervision to the team who submit Retrospective Medical Discharges. She has been an invaluable support to those submitting defective administration and abuse claims.

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Jessica Leonard, Advocacy and DVA Claims Supervisor

Jessica is a veteran, serving five years in the Australian Army.

Noticing how many veterans were struggling with navigating claims, transition and life after service, upon discharge Jessica started acting as an advocate for current and former serving members. Having a family and understanding the complexity of life whilst struggling with injuries and raising children, Jessica wanted to make sure she linked as many veterans to the support available through legislation and welfare support agencies. Jessica has been an advocate and helping veterans with additional welfare in a volunteer capacity for 7 years.

To ensure veterans and their families were empowered to make their own decisions, Jessica started a veteran forum Facebook group called Veterans First Australia, where she shares information, stories and insight. Jessica is experienced with all acts. She is part of large and experienced community of practice to ensure each and everyone of her claims achieves the best outcome for the veteran and their family, possible.

Her passion is to assist Veterans and to ensure they have all the entitlements and support possible to make their life better.

John McNeill, Advocacy Advisor and Mentor

John is a very experienced Level 3 Advocate and Senior Advocacy Mentor for our teams. John is a veteran and has had extensive involvement in the veteran family advocacy and support space for the last ten years as a compensation advocate. He served as a rifleman with the First Battalion and served in East Timor in 2007.

John has battled his own personal medical constraints post service and now engages in supporting others requiring assistance throughout Australia to help them transition after service.

John represents Veterans and family issues at National, State and grass roots levels and sits on various boards.

John’s extensive involvement extends further by being the Director of a social enterprise – Aussie Veterans Pty Ltd – established in Melbourne in 2017. John is also supported by his two trusty mentees and team members (wife) and Jaz (who has a drugs and alcohol counselling certificate).

Tijana, Administration Officer

Tijana is an enthusiastic young woman with over 15 years experience in administration and joined the team as an administration officer. She strives to get things done when they need to get done and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Her last job was working in an Embassy working alongside several diplomats for more than 3 years which has given her the experience to handle pretty much anything that gets thrown at her. She has a young family, who are her whole world and daily motivation.

Claims Team

Dan joined the team in 2022 as Claims Support Officer. Dan is also a partner of one of our veterans.

He also brings an extensive corporate background in finance brokering and client services to the team, alongside a passion for supporting health and wellbeing.


As a partner of a Veteran herself, Claire has first-hand experience in how difficult it is to navigate the DVA process and is passionate about helping veterans and their families, with a background in a family support role for British Veterans in Germany.

Melissa Waldron

Melissa served almost 15 years in the Army where she worked in finance, resources, operations and planning. She now works with elite and sub-elite athletes with on-field acute injury management, rehabilitation, post injury rehabilitation and performance. She has completed a bachelor of exercise and sports science degree and is currently studying a Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition, whilst in her spare time, she assists first year international university students to write assignments.

Melissa has a keen interest in ACL injury prevention in women, fall injury reduction in the over 50 population and hydration management, of which, she has two student publications. Melissa’s personal goal is to take part in activities that feed her soul and her professional mission is to assist and empower others to achieve their desired goals and improve their quality of life, especially for those who have experienced trauma.